The racer Moreno Suprapto promised the exhilirating struggle when appearing in the international Speedcar Series race championship that will take place on February 16-17 2008 in the Sentul circuit, West Java.In the first series race, Moreno that will match together his full sibling of Ana you Mikola, will compete with the former racing driver the Satu formula (F1) Jean Alesi from France, Johny Herbert (England) and Narain Kartikeyan (India).The "Speedcar race in Sentul later in fact almost was the same as NASCAR in the USA, but his difference in Sentul more bends and was estimated often mutual collisions between the racing driver will happen."

Now in the NASCAR circuit his form was oval and normal rather boring because the vehicle progressed with the high speed at the same time and did not have the bend, said Moreno in Jakarta, on Friday."For the spectator, the Speedcar race in the circuit like Sentul that many bends will possibly be more interesting and stressful, but I as the racing driver certainly more must be on the alert in order to the accident not happen," said Moreno that was accompanied by his father of Tinton Suprapto and Chandra Alim that represented Indonesian World Motorsport (IWM).


Michael "Schumi Schumacher" already the pension since the end 2006, and did not have the plan to come back the race in the near future and long-term.Nevertheless, the speed the world champion of seven times continue to made the person shook-shook the head.In the last test the formula 1 2007 in the Jerez Circuit, Spain, last Friday (yesterday at dawn WIB), the man from Germany appeared impressive.Used Ferrari F2007 with the tyre slick (plain) and aerodynamic equipment spek 2009, he could record astonishing time.On the last day the exercise, nine from 11 teams of participants F1 descended to the tracks.

Most used the tyre slick with aerodynamic equipment spek 2008.Only several that tried the tyre slick with aerodynamics spek 2009.Including Schumi.The difference is, the wings 2009 smaller, forced the reduction downforce (the adhesiveness) as far as 30 percent.The difference quite significant, made the car far more was difficult to be controlled.Especially when braking and menikung.On the whole, Sebastian Vettel from Toro Rosso-Ferrari recorded best time in the last exercise, 1 minute and 18.213 seconds.But he with the tyre slick and the wings 2008.


New dino ferrari 2009 is your dream.The car become the new Dino originally was half of a two-car Maserati program that used a shortened Quattroporte platform. The Dino is a two-plus-two that debuts at Geneva and will replace the GranSport coupe later in 2007.

This is a top secret a top-secret project for a new com in early 2009, entry-level Ferrari to slot below the F430. The car is ambitiously timed for a late 2008 launch. Officially, company executives scoff at the notion of such a Ferrari, but what if the new Ferrari wasn't, strictly speaking, a Ferrari? Just as was the case with the original Dino , Ferrari's new entry-level model probably will not be adorned with a Ferrari badge.


soeharto meninggal,soharto meninggal, suharto wafat
The Former President Soeharto was stated died on Sunday January 27 2008.
The ruler of the 'Orde Baru' that was close was greeted by Mr Harto this blew out the last breath struck 13,10 WIB.

"Went to the house of god former Indonesian" President "Haji Muhammad Soeharto died struck 13,10 of WIB. it will be brought to the Sandalwood."
But did not yet know struck how many, said Sector Police Chief Kebayoran Kompol Diki Sondani in RSPP, Street Kyai Maja, Jakarta, on Sunday
Soeharto was beforehand reported by his condition really-very critical because of all of his organ has been did not function.
Confirmation of the Soeharto death was also sent by former Secretary of State Moerdiono.


The Toyota FJ Cruiser (FJC) is a retro-style compact SUV produced by Toyota introduced as a concept at the 2003 Chicago Auto Show and in production form at the following North American International Auto Show. It went on sale in early 2006 as a 2007. Now in 2008 toyota FJC comes with new image here is picture below


at NAIAS. Biofuel Ferrari? Labeled as the 430 Spider Bio Fuel, the roadster runs on the familiar mix of 85% natural ethanol and 15% gasoline, which reports suggest yield a modest 2% increase in power. That's enough to bring the 4.3-liter V8's output up to 500 from the standard 490 with torque rising 4% and fuel economy improving by 5%

Now_comes_2008+Saleen+S302E +Sterling+Edition

if you want to download gallery picture of 2008 Saleen S302E Sterling Edition Wallpaper Gallery here some pict for you


here is come 2008 Ferrari F430 Spider Bio Fuel Concept
The ultimate goal for Ferrari F430 Spider Bio Fuel Concept is to cut emissions by forty percent by 2012. The company stresses that they will make this happen without compromising performance. On the F430 Spider, the fuel system and the engine control unit are modified to handle the ethanol fuel. With these changes, the Ferrari gains 10 hp along with a four percent boost in torque. On top of that, CO2 emissions fall by five percent when ethanol fuel is used. We see this as the first step - a baby step - for the company and we expect more changes in the future including the use of lighter weight components, direct injection, and possibly smaller displacement engines supplemented by turbochargers.


The contest, organised in partnership with Pininfarina and with the support of Alcoa - the company that produces aluminium spaceframes for Ferrari - has seen at work, in the last months, the most talented of each college.

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GM now Takes Off The 2009 Camaro

do you have heard the news.Word has come down from Bob Lutz to remove the camo from the pre-production Camaros so further evaluations could be done for aerodynamics and cooling efficiency.

Here - for the enjoyment of our FastLane readers - is the first picture of the Camaro development vehicle without camouflage.During this upcoming year, pre-production Camaros will appear both on U.S. and Australian roads as we continue with testing and development. So keep those camera phones ready- if you happen to see one, we'd like to hear about it, so please post a comment and include your "spy photo!"