Daewoo G2X The Korean style of the Saturn Sky Roadster -

Saturn Sky at 2008 GM Style Eventgambar diambil dari Saturn_on_Flickr melalui Flickr

Daewoo G2X on GM�s Korean accessory apparent the G2X auto at the Busan International Motor Appearance (April 28 until May 7). Besides the name, the Daewoo G2X is identical to the Saturn Sky Auto & the Opel GT Roadster.

Like its American brother, the two-seater G2X appearance a 177 horsepower, 2.4-liter engine. Equipped with a five-speed chiral transmission, the G2X hopes to allure burghal drivers in the 21-35 age bracket, a business official at the auto appearance said.

Pricing capacity were still actuality set and the archetypal is accepted to hit showrooms aural months, according to Korean officials.

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