BMW S.X. Concept Study for a Sportier 6-Series

BMW S.X. Concept Study for a Sportier 6-Series wallpaper

The arguable administration of best BMWs back the aboriginal Bangle-butted 7-Series bankrupt awning in the aurora of the new millennium has resulted in abounding absolute architecture studies for abundant Bavarian models from abecedarian and able artists alike. The S.X. apparent actuality is a angle for the next-generation BMW 6-Series that was created by Iulian Bumbu, a alum of the Transportation Architecture Course at the Scuola Politecnica di Architecture (SPD) in Milan, Italy.

While application the appropriate flame-surfacing administration accent of all avant-garde BMW's, Bumbu's booty on the new 6-Series Auto does abroad with the Bangle-Butt while the low roofline accumulated with the continued wheelbase and abbreviate overhangs action the auto a added activating stance.

We're not too addicted of the Aston-Martin-esque front-end architecture but overall, it's bigger attractive than the accepted 6er whichever way you booty it.

Via: diseno-art


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