Bajaj Pulsar teams up with Fast & Furious 4 for a pulsating co-branded campaign to announce the 2009 edition of Bajaj Pulsar

A first time initiative by a two wheeler company co-branding with a Hollywood film to showcase its brands and announce its new 2009 edition.
Bajaj Pulsar breaks the clutter by associating with this hi octane film post its release unlike other brands that associate themselves with films a week before its release & continues it over the release weekend.
� When it�s about speed Bajaj Pulsar rules the game

Bajaj Auto has partnered with the adrenaline-fueled franchise and the smacking Hollywood hit movie �Fast & Furious 4� for Co-Promotion. This association will be seen in a form of a special co-branded TVC campaign which features adrenaline packed visuals of Bajaj Pulsar and the action packed �Fast & Furious 4� together. P9 Integrated (A Division of Percept Ltd), a leading 360 degree entertainment marketing company has conceptualized, planned & executed this entire association in a cleverly integrated format. The �speed & race quotient� present in the film is interwoven in this campaign which brings a seamless connect between the brand persona & the film.

A 30 sec co-branded TVC has been created using relevant footage from the film �Fast & Furious 4�. The TVC has shots of racing from the movie interspersed with shots of Bajaj Pulsar from their ad. The way both are seamlessly interspersed, it looks like Bajaj Pulsar was always a part of the film from the very beginning. The key message of the campaign is to reiterate the fact that when it�s about speed Bajaj Pulsar rules the game and also to announce the 2009 edition of Bajaj Pulsar.

The commercial is currently on air on various sports and male centric channels like Espn, Neo Cricket, Zoom, Network 18 Channels, UTV, UTVi etc. This co-branded TVC campaign will be on air for 2 weeks.
Considering the popularity of the franchise and the box-office success of �Fast & Furious 4� in India and worldwide, Bajaj Pulsar wanted to celebrate the movie�s success along with the brand. There are huge brand synergies showcased in the campaign as both of them embody speed, racing, high adrenaline and living on the edge characteristics. Unlike other brands, Bajaj Pulsar tied-up with Fast & Furious 4 for a post release co-branded campaign and elevated the brand values and its messaging to a different level.

Mr. Milind Bade, General Manager (Marketing), Bajaj Auto states, �Bajaj Pulsar has always stood for Performance. The complete synergy in Pulsar brand values and Fast and Furious the movie is what makes this co-branded campaign highly effective.�

Talking about the association Pritie Jadhav, Head � Branding, P9 Integrated, a division of Percept Ltd, says, �Seeing the similarities between the brand, Bajaj Pulsar and the movie Fast & Furious 4 we identified a seamless connect between the both, as they both symbolize speed and racing. This triggered the conceptualization of the association. The objective of the co-branded campaign was to harp on the popularity of the franchise and target the audience that the movie attracts. This association will help the brand talk directly to their TG i.e. people who love sports, racing and adventure.�

Unlike past, brands have now been increasingly associating with films post its release. Like Bajaj Pulsar and Fast & Furious 4, in past Hansaplast and Lifebuoy had launched multimedia campaign along with the movie Krrish one month after its release. This only proves that films whose theme exemplifies and emanates the theme and personality of the brand makes it an effective tool in communicating with the target audience.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker reteamed for the ultimate chapter of the adrenaline-fueled franchise�Fast & Furious 4. Heading back to the streets of L.A., they rejoined Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster to blast muscle, tuner and exotic cars along the crowded streets of the city and across international lines in a high-octane action-thriller from director Justin Lin. �Fast & Furious 4� was released by Paramount Films of India in English, Hindi, Tamil & Telegu.


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