Ryan Briscoe on indy car

Ryan Briscoe was birth on aussy australia , Sept. 24, 1981

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Residence: Mooresville, N.C.

Ryan Briscoe has traveled from the go-kart tracks of Australia to some of the world's most famous racing circuits, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Briscoe was one of the most successful go-kart racers in Australian when he moved to Italy at age 16 to become a factory kart driver, a move that would lead him to formula cars and eventually linking him with Toyota and its Formula One team. He debuted in the IndyCar Series in 2005.

Briscoe enjoys gadgets, going to the beach and other watersports. Like many other IndyCar Series racers, Briscoe is competitive triathlete and has competed in several triathlons, cycling road races and half-marathons.

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