BMW X5 Anti-Terrorist and Bullets

No need to buy a tank to protect you from an enemy target. Simply have a BMW X5 Security Plus. Elegant, anti-terrorist, anti-bullet and certainly lighten the work of your bodyguards.

As a high profile businessman or a politician would require a high level security. 20 bodyguards seem incomplete protect you from various threats. Moreover, every travel, you should use an anti-bullet jackets are heavy and hot.

Releasing an inconvenience, how when you receive an offer from BMW X5 Security Plus to protect your soul from various threats. Plus the BMW X5 Security has a security level grade six are believed able to withstand AK-47 assault weapons or other light weapons.

Of course shells X5 X5 Security Plus different from usual. BMW X5 Security Plus pack with high-performance steel, coated polycarbonate, anti-technology sharps, and special tires if the tire could blow out a distance of 150 km with a maximum speed of 80 kpj.

With a variety of technologies such protection X5 Security Plus weight increased. Believed it did not reduce the comfort for the cabin, improved suspension and damper performance. Brake system is also maximized and revising the chassis control system using active roll stabilization.

Communication devices such as intercom also become standard equipment X5 Security Plus. If you want to move more rapidly divide the crowd or traffic jam, the driver can activate the speaker system and alarm and warning lights so that road users could get out in front.

4.8-liter V8 engine is believed to be quite menggegaskan X5 Security Plus. Strength reaches 355 hp and 475 Nm of torque. A fairly heavy weights did not make it awkward to run 000-100 kpj within 8.2 seconds. Etrtinggi restricted speed 180 km / hr. How? You must be interested.


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