Mercedez benz made cars without gasoline

this is very exciting news. Seven years, the German car company Mercedes, aka Mercy, determined to end the necessity of gasoline as a fuel in the car makes. Instead of gasoline, the cars Mercy will utilize alternative fuels are more environmentally friendly, In addition to emissions-free electric cars and fuel gas-fired, this time a Mercedes car which was being developed in dayai by batteries and hydrogen energy. No other aim is to make cars more fuel efficient.
One example is the investment results of series A and B Class. Both series will be sold in October of this upcoming technology equipped with Start / Stop. This technology will cut the engine so the car stopped at a red light and automatically turn on when you lift mesi foot from the brake pedal.

Another series of fuel economy is an A-Class Blue Efficiency C-160 and both mentioned can reduce fuel consumption by 12%.

What also soon be marketed is a zero emissions fuel cell cars like the F600 Hygenius. Cars designed to go into a prototype B-Class in the coming months that use electricity and hydrogen as the 'fuel'.


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