Anti Bullet Car Jaguar XJ Sentinel

If you are looking for anti-bullet car and the best anti-bomb, please come to the Moscow International Motor in 2010. In the event that was held August 25 to 29 that will be used Jaguar xj Sentinel as a place of self-display.

Jaguar xj Sentinel is the ballistic protection level of B7 saloon. Level B7 - bulletproof 12.7 mm - is the highest grade in the protection against bullets, the lowest is B2. So if there is an enemy of your business you are showered with AK-47 rifles, AK-74AP, M16, or M61, just ignore. Even the Sentinel xj body and floor are also anti-bomb 15 kg of TNT. Jaguar guarantee 80 000 km for Jaguar xj Sentinel.

Jaguar xj Sentinel construction made of super strong steel with Kevlar as supporters. Jaguar took Centigon, one of the specialist anti-ballistic car maker, in making the defense. To ensure that xj Sentinel international protection standards, Jaguar xj Sentinel has obtained a certificate from QinetiQ, an independent organization that tests and ballistic bombs.

Jaguar V8 engine wear, 5000 cc, 385 hp, with six-speed automatic transmission. Saloon is capable of weighing 3.8 tons accelerates 0-100 km / h in 9.7 seconds with a top speed of 195 km / hr.

Jaguar has not released a price. However, Jaguar offers a range of individual choices.


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