Lexus IS 200d 2011 (New car)

Lexus seems to see the football lunge sultry BMW 3 series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4. That's why Lexus IS can be revised to better compete with the three heroes of European origin.

Lexus claims this change represents a significant change since the IS was released. IS 2011 will be exhibited at the Paris Motor Show 2010.

IS 200d IS 220d will be present to replace. The IS 200d is still using the 2200 cc engine of the IS 220d, but it has been imbued DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). In this case Lexus IS200d sacrificing power and torque. Power and 200d IS 148 Nm and 360 Nm, while the IS 220d 175 hp and 400 Nm. In addition, acceleration 0-100 km / h IS 200d is also 1.3 seconds slower than 8.9 seconds.

Focus Lexus IS 200d is to make the engine more economical and environmentally friendly. Fuel consumption to be 19.61 km / liter, more economical 1.77 km / liter. CO2 emissions 14 IS 200 fewer grams / km, to 134 grams / km. Lexus made a few steps to achieve those goals, such as redesigning the combustion room (combustion chamber), put the injector-injector fuel a new generation of piezoelectric.

Another model is the IS 250. The IS 250 will be sold only in the automatic transmission option. Refreshment happens on the machine. Although still using the previous IS 250 engine, V6, 2500 cc, Dual VVT-i, with the same power and torque of 205 hp and 252 Nm, after all, gasoline consumption and gas emission throw better. IS 250 gasoline consumption to be 11.90 km / liter from 11.24 km / l. CO2 emissions fell from 209 g / km to 194 g / km.

Revisions in the kitchen runway also experienced IS 250C (coup� cabriolet). Now, with gas consumption of 10.87 km / liter, before 10.75 km / liter. CO2 down 6 g / km to 213 g / km. The IS 250 is still holding the previous model engine, V6, 2500 cc, 205 hp and 252 Nm.

If the three models above have reset at the touch of the engine, not two F-Sport IS model. F-Sport IS 250 and IS 200d M-Sport received refresher exterior and interior. The front of the IS F-Sport was rewarded with a grille and spoiler, fog lamp, which is new. Rear spoiler brake lights hangout and its redesigned alloy wheels.

Aura sporty F-Sport IS forwarded to the interior through the steering wheel, the transmission lever, pedal-pedal and the front seat of a sporty leather and Alcantara. Touch of titanium effect can be found on the door trim as well.

In the UK, the price of the Lexus IS begins to U.S. $ 37,830 (IS 200d SE)


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