2012 Citroen DS4

2012 Citroen DS4 front side view

Citro�n has released first details for the new Citro�n DS4, a unique and attractive blend of creativity, dynamism, exclusivity and versatility. DS4 is the second model in Citro�n's distinctively-styled DS line.

Citro�n DS4 brings an alluring mixture of premium design codes and a bold approach to automotive styling, with an emphasis on driving pleasure and advanced vehicle architecture. DS4 is a model with a multitude of talents, effortlessly responding to a broad range of owner needs, while enhancing the appeal and vitality of the motoring experience.

Citro�n DS4 combines sophistication and refinement with a dynamic coup�-like body, creating exceptional versatility and day-to-day practicality within a compact design - 4.27m (l), 1.81m (w) & 1.53m (h).

Citro�n DS4 delivers a new "at-the-wheel" experience with unrivalled driving sensations and outstanding agile on-road handling. With its slightly raised stance and taut lines, Citro�n DS4 is a unique and eye-catching addition to the segment.

Finely crafted to convey a prestigious presence both inside and out, Citro�n DS4 offers meticulous detailing from carefully applied chrome touches to premium cabin materials - such as the finest quality leather seats. A large panoramic windscreen, offering enhanced occupant visibility, illuminates the driver-focused cockpit, creating a bright and welcoming environment.

Combining coup� style with 2+2 door practicality, Citro�n DS4 offers three full-sized rear seats, accessed by rear doors with hidden handles that are seamlessly integrated into the body's flowing lines. Citro�n DS4 also benefits from a capacious 370-litre boot and a host of clever storage solutions.


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