Saab JAS 39 Gripen Aircraft

Saab JAS 39 "Gripen" (Griffin) is a fighter aircraft from Sweden, produced by Saab. The aircraft was sold by the company Gripen International, a joint venture between Saab and BAE Systems. This aircraft has been used by Swedish air force, Czech Republic, and Hungary, and has been ordered by South Africa and Thailand.


in designing this aircraft Saab kanard choose a design that is not stable. Kanard provides pitch rate is high and low resistance to allow aircraft to fly faster, farther and more mengankut load.

The combination of delta wing and Gripen Kanard provide better performance in terms of character fly and take off and land. The total integrated avionics make the aircraft is capable of "program". The aircraft also has an internal electronic warfare devices, enabling him to carry the maximum load without compromising the ability of electronic war.

The desired capability for Gripen from scratch is able to take off from runway 800 meter.Pada original project, all flights conducted from Saab in Link�ping basis using reference a "line of the box" measuring 9 m � 800 m runway, runway painted. Braking distance is also shortened by enlarging the air brake (use control surfaces to push the aircraft toward the bottom, making it more powerful brake pressed down and the next step is to rotate kanard forward, memngubah kanard into large air brakes, to push the aircraft down even worse.

One interesting capability of the Gripen is the ability to land on public roads, which is one of Sweden's defense strategy. Once landed, the plane can be filled with fuel and armed again in 10 minutes by 5 people ground crew operating out of a truck, then Gripen flying back to carry out its mission.

For long-term Saab consider using newer machines such as General Electric F414 or a thrust-vectoring version of the Eurofighter Typhoon's EJ200 engine and additional fuel tanks or a fuselage extension separately mileage even further.


Gripen menggukan PS-05 / A pulse-doppler radar, made by Ericsson and GEC-Marconi, and based on the Blue Vixen radar-owned Sea Harrier (which also inspired the Eurofighter's radar CAPTOR).

The radar is capable of detecting, tracking the location, identify and automatically track multiple targets at the top or bottom of the aircraft, sea land and air, in all weather conditions.


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