Ninja ZX250R 2009 wallpaper

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Ninja ZX250R 2009 wallpaper

As a manufacturer of motorcycles already high as a Kawasaki motorcycle produce four stroke. As a follow-up and demonstrate the commitment of Kawasaki about the latest motor sport release plant with a capacity of 4 is not the 250cc Kawasaki Ninja 250R launch.

Performance Ninja ZX250R 2009

The engine's performance but still be concealed in order to maintain a clear engine performance and status as a pure motor sport then large (small possibility fumble) Ninja 250R is adopted 2-cylinder DOHC engine water cooled. unitrak suspension and rear disc brakes front and rear is also a standard feature the latest Kawasaki motorcycle this.

it is Combination between the Ninja 636 and ER6F

If the motor sport in the Hi-end in the class may be well-founded because if kept in the draft this Ninja 250R motorcycle sport touring menggabukan Kawasaki ER6F (the front lights and riding position) and when viewed from the side siluet similar to the Kawasaki Ninja zx 636. Unfortunately the design spakbor back so that it seems too large if viewed from belakan feels a bit odd though if you actually seen in its function as a daily motor is designed so it is very helpful.

the bandrol 32 million

The motor is marketed with the price of USD 3,500 or equivalent to 32 million rupiah. So when the price of land in the water marketed by the private INDOBIKERS quite reasonable considering the competitors cc could not have said. Even if there is only a CBR 150 that is only in the "categories" of similar price. Sedangakan when its performance is compared head to head bak earth and sky, no offense for CBR users


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