Porsche Cayenne Gemballa 750 GTS Tornado wallpapers

there is indeed such love Gemballa cars Porsche output. No variants with the exception of Porsche Cayenne Turbo. Attempting to show more dynamic existence, They spread the extreme Gemballa Tornado GTS 750. There is no restriction because the barrier so that the touch is so wild teraplikasi on sporty cars berkelir gray this one.

This modification comes with the latest weight reduction of up to 250 kg lighter thanks to the Feed component body of carbon fiber. Not only that, body kit was also designed with a lightweight front apron which extended to 60 mm below the lip in order to generate aero thrust to each axis rodanya. As a complement, exterior adopted here also aggressive side skirts, the rear spoiler that be following down the new rear skirt and the expansion up to 40 mm and tongkrongan diffuser latest racing model.

On the back of the two-sphere model is selected as the twin penghiasnya. This certainly gives it added impact of different high performance exhaust system to increase the maximum energy. Shove toward the bottom of the bonnet, here are certainly berkonfigurasi big V8 engine that dicangkok along with kataliser, exhaust header and the latest racing model. This is not the result without considering the output that is capable of touching the numbers already penetrated 750 hp (552 kW) at 6400 rpm and lap torsi maksimun ranged diangka 1050 Nm at 3200 rpm lap.

Gemballa GTR 700 Tornado (Porsche Cayenne Turbo) review:

The new GEMBALLA conversion is simply titled Tornado GTS and GTR. The vehicle is based on the 957 Porsche Cayenne Turbo and features power previously reserved for razor-door type supercars. In its previous life, the GEMBALLA conversion was extensively covered.

Meanwhile, new GTS features adjustable seats, a panoramic roof and 4WD. Optional are the multimedia package and the cooling box. As you can probably tell from these pictures, this is a sort of coupe SUV as it sits quite some way closer to the ground than normal. The rear seats as well are as adjustable as the front seats, and offer the same level of sportiness whether you are watching traffic flash by or steering the beast yourself.

GTR features lightweight materials, racing seats and 2WD as an option.
End of Gemballa GTR 700 Tornado (Porsche Cayenne Turbo) review.
Review the information concerning acceleration, for the time of the condition of the still to 100 km / h can be locked in 4.3 seconds. This is 0.2 seconds faster than the variants x5 BMW X6 and the maximum speed limit in addition to be able to reach 300 km / h. Before terlewatkan kit that diasup exterior sejatinya already equipped velg crossbar 5 GT SPORT 22 inch size dibalut a high performance tire size 335/25 Z 22 overall. In his own velg Gemballa install kaliper brakes 6 piston 420 mm front and rear 4 piston rear kaliper size 380 mm.

Specifications :

Car : Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS
Basic : Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Tuner : Gemballa
Engine : V8
Power : 50 hp (552 kW) at 6,400 rpm
Torque : 1,050 Nm at 3200 rpm
0 - 100 km/h : 4.3 seconds
Top speed : 300 km/h
Exterior : vehicle comes with a weight reduction of 250 kg achieved using lightweight components such as carbon fiber. new front apron extended by 60 millimeters with integrated aero lip generating more downthrust at the front axle, body extensions which fitted all the way from the front to the rear, side skirts, a completely redesigned rear with new rear spoiler, a rear skirt extended by 40 millimeters and a new race diffuser. Also, the new double tail lights and four end pipes of the high performance exhaust system which have been integrated in the rear skirt, confirm the powerful appearance
Interior : four individual seats, new display was mounted on the new front console showing driving data such as acceleration, cross-acceleration and deceleration values

Future entry into the interior we akan 4 seats are a first individual to provide a different feel of driving. There does not stop until there are new consoles next model that is ready to show the acceleration data, cross-acceleration and deceleration value. As the pengkastem, Gemballa claimed akan only produce this car as much as 50 units only. So, whom he can quickly


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