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The Yamaha T-Max was totally revamped for the 2008 model year, which is the version we now get Stateside for 2009. A new body style, which grows on you, conceals an all-new alloy frame, which replaces the old tubular steel chassis.The Akrapovic RACING OPEN complete system is designed for maxi scooter riders
looking for a sportier ride and a bit of the kind of tuning usually reserved for sport mo-
torcycles. With an Akrapovic exhaust system the Yamaha T-max will gain in both looks
and performance. The system has a noise damper for European market and is available
without the damper for the US market. Our system is also 5.11 kg lighter than stock
Measurements of the Akrapovic RACING OPEN system on the YAMAHA T-MAX (without
noise damper):
Power & Torque: with the Akrapovic complete system the engine gains significant increases
in power and torque. The T-max engine will now have more throttle response throughout the
entire rpm range with biggest increase at the top. We measured max. power increase of 2.9
HP at 7620 rpm.
The system is composed of cylindrical stainless steel header tubes joined by a conical stain-
less steel Y link pipe. The joints are sleeve joints held together with silicon-shielded tensioning
springs, including the link pipe � muffler joint. Inlet cap is made of stainless steel and outlet cap
of carbon fiber. The inner perforation and outer sleeve are made of titanium. For the European
market the mufflers have an approved noise damper, while for the US market the mufflers do
not have the noise dampers.

The first impression on approach is that it�s extraordinarily long. Then, when you sit on it, the seat feels firm, high, and wide. The T-Max does not have a completely flat floorboard, like a classic scooter. Still, the relatively low step-through threshold makes it easier to get on and off than a conventional motorcycle. The seat height comes into play when paddling the bike into and out of parking spots. I found myself sliding forward off the seat, so that I could plant more of my own weight on the ground when pushing it around.

T-MAX500 yamaha
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