2013 Nissan Z

CARBARN | 2013 Nissan Z | Nissan does have a lot of models that can be developed, but for automotive users want to have a car that stands out and has a design and good performance, Nissan Z is an ideal time for most users of the current car. Nissan has long started bergagas to make a sports car to add to their lineup. It is clear that limited details for the Nissan Z car which is the future generation.

One of the most famous and recognized the Japanese sports car ever Nissan Z car, and what we found on the next generation Z, the Nissan is fully aware that this species is evolving, whether it will stay on top of the competition. Part of this evolution can be understood as the power of hybrid cars have been caught in the green wave of environmental responsibility, which is a priority.

Of course, an approach on the table is a hybrid engine. On M Hybrid, the configuration produces 360 hp and about 450 Nm of torque, more than enough for a handful midpriced sports car.  Nissan recently announced partnership with Daimler, has the ability to distinguish one from Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC engine under the hood.


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