has launched its concept car of the future that many of them get attention from prospective automotive designers. Although many of the ideas and see the production line, Pontiac designers find the latest and futuristic concept

already exists in the Pontiac Solstice. This Roadster The car had indeed been there from 2005-2009, but very similar to sports cars to another. Now, designers Macedonia, Dejan Hristov, combines modern design studies on the Solstice Concept II

The new Pontiac Solstice II Concept will be incorporate the proportion of core which is the original model and add some beauty sculpture design. At the front, this concept adds a vertical light features and complex-shaped carbon spoiler, while the back can combine sharp lines with a circular tail lights, and do not forget

who designed his own exhaust pipe. In addition, the Solstice II Concept has a layout Targa, leaving the top of which are difficult to fold and look good.


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