2011 volkswagen phaeton photo

The article will mainly talk about 2011 volkswagen phaeton price. Many of us are quite familiar with Volkswagen type of car. Recently, the company has been released the new type of Volkswagen car in the UK market. When it is firstly introduced to the market, many people are wondering about the price. Many people

have predicted the price and finally the price of this 2011 Volkswagen car type will start at �46,195. The luxury car is widely expected. There are many features that can be found in the Volkswagen phaeton car. This 2011 Volkswagen car product comes with many redesign touch in its exterior parts. For examples, it is redesigned with new grille, LED lights, bi-xenon headlights, LED fog lights, and many other changes. With the remodeling and the redesigning of the car, it makes the car more stylish and elegant to ride. Besides having new exterior changes, we will know the machine performance and facility about the car in the next paragraph.


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