Chevrolet Malibu

CARBARN | Chevrolet Malibu | The Malibu, a North American car Previously only, Will Become the GM's latest global car in its eighth generation and the Chevrolet brand's first global midsize sedan. Chevrolet says the next Malibu Will be sold in 100 countries on six CONTINENTS and built at multiple plants around the world. The Malibu, Chevrolet says, was designed for a global audience with "European-inspired driving characteristics," which Should mean sporty handling.

While you can see the evolution from the current-generation Malibu to the new car, the 2013 Malibu is less round and swoopy and more sharp and edgy. The rear end draws clear influence from the Camaro with its squared taillights, rectangular fascia and dual exhaust tips. The car you see here is a Chinese-spec model, but Chevrolet says Will there be a minimum of differences the between the US-spec and Chinese-spec cars.

The Malibu is a hugely Important car for Chevrolet and General Motors. The company says That the car's intended global segment counted for nine percent of all vehicles sold globally in 2010. Here in the U.S., the admittedly aged seventh-generation Malibu was sold over 200.000 copies and was Both Chevrolet and General Motors' best-selling passenger car.

Will Chevrolet also debuted the car on its Facebook page at the same time and reveal the will of the live stream on iPad and iPhone. Anyone watching is encouraged to send questions about the car to Chevrolet's Twitter account is at Malibu Reveal or to the Malibu tab on Chevy's Facebook page.


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