2012 Chevrolet Sonic

CARBARN | 2012 Chevrolet Sonic | The Sonic has slightly different gearing and weighs about 400 pounds Fewer than the Cruze, so We expect better acceleration and fuel economy across the board. The Sonic's turbo pulls well above 3000 rpm; there is noticeable lag at lower engine speeds, despite a low peak torque of 1850 rpm. Chevrolet had a Honda Fit and a Ford Fiesta on hand for comparison, and the Sonic held up well.

The Honda, the which is geared shorter, feels better at low engine speeds. The Sonic is an economy car, the which means sacrifices in creature comforts. Both sedan and hatchback Sonic share the same 99.4-inch wheelbase. The four-door, at 173.1 inches, is 14.1 inches longer than the hatch but loses in the space race with 14 cubic feet of trunk space to the hatch's 19. The hatch also has slightly better rear-seat headroom. The cargo area in the five-door, although not as spacious or ingenious as the Honda Fit's, has a removable false floor That creates a level surface the seats are folded. There is also a slot for the cargo to slide into cover behind the rear seats. Chevrolet will not divulge pricing Sonic until the fall on-sale date gets closer, only hinting That Will it be competitive in the segment.

Also like the Fiesta, we're guessing the will of the Sonic hatch command a premium for its looks more attractive, although We have to say That the sedan Sonic manages to look something less than dumpy-a huge achievement in this segment. Even in base LS trim, the Sonic comes with the aforementioned wheels, plus air conditioning, power locks, keyless entry, stability control, and an impressive 10 bags of water. As part of GM's restructuring, the Sonic Will be assembled in Lake Orion, Michigan.


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