Audi, Cars Most Loved By Indian Women's

India has now transformed into one of the few in the world's largest car market. As a country that fall into the category of 'emerging markets', the Indian car market continues to grow.

Various types, brands, and models digelontorkan car manufacturers into the country. Various design, technology, and miscellaneous features shown accompanies the presence of the car.

However, of the many cars it was only one car occupies the heart of the most widely womanhood in India. Yes, reported The Business Line and reported by Rush Lane, of the total car purchases in India are done by the women themselves, Audi ranks first.

No fewer than 65 percent of women who choose the Audi, and most of them are the Audi R8 and Audi TT. "Of course it surprising, from the number of sports car - both the Audi R8 and Audi TT-(data) call last lebi from 60-70 reservations made by the women in India. That indicates that women (India), also likes driving a luxury car, especially a sporty, "said Michael Perschke, head of Audi in India as reported by, Tuesday (22 / 2).

The number is certainly very high compared to the purchases made by women against other branded products. Total sales of other brands could be higher, but that is done directly by the women are still under Audi.

Seeing the fact that, in the land of Sari Audi said they were optimistic that, throughout 2011 it will increase sales of their products. Currently, Audi ranks third among the largest luxury brand sold in India after a Mercedes Benz and BMW.

Despite the current interest rates in the country continued to climb, but it is considered not an obstacle for Audi. "The reason is, has and will launch several brand-new model in this country so that they can repeat last year's success," said Audi statement.


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