Top Fastest Hybrid Car In The World (The Veritas RS III)

Perhaps many do not believe, but this is in fact, a hybrid car roadster, the Veritas RS III, capable of racing up to 330 kilometers per hour (kpj). In fact, the acceleration from rest to a speed of 100 kpj (sprint) taken within 3.1 seconds or 0.1 seconds adrift just slower than the standard version.

As reported by, Tuesday (15 / 3), a car made by Vermot AG - a German sports car manufacturer - has undergone some speed testing at the circuit Nurburgring, Germany. "This car is owned by BMW's V10 engine with a capacity of 5000 cc and powered by 507 horsepower," the page was written.

However, additional thanks to an electric motor with a capacity of 105 kilowatts, the total power generated Veritas RS III to 600 horsepower. Only, the weight increases because of the additional 500 pounds of lithium ion batteries that store energy source stun.

Thus, when compared to conventional-engined version of the standard speed is more than 10 kpj. Still, this car still be the fastest among other hybrid variants.

Another advantage is the technology offered Vermot Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). Technology is able to recycle the energy that should be wasted when braking into a new power to charge the electric motor. As a result, drivers do not have to worry about running out of electric motors would come up short stun source.

Vermot claim, if the driver wants to drive using only the electric motor only they can cover the distance by 50 kilometers. In fact, as the car sped with maximum speed.


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