Variants Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Throughout 2009 - 2010 almost all manufacturers launched variants Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). A number of advanced technological features is the completeness of which are presented to prospective customers. When observed between each other barely differ.

So even with the comforts and luxuries on offer. However, the number of SUVs that have one or more advantages that are not owned by any other SUV. Among them is also a choice of consumers ranging from ordinary people up to famous figures of the world.

The result of research conducted by media and research institutes world-class automotive like Car and Driver, Consumer Reports, Edmunds and Motor Trend a few months before the end of 2010 that was launched this past weekend, showing the four best SUV in this year.

The assessment includes a selected number of readers, testing performance, completeness and excellence of features, design and others. Here's the fourth SUV:

1. New Mercedes Benz GL Class

Made by Mercedes Benz SUV is offered in several variants. Besides having a faster acceleration rates, room spacious and luxurious interior, as well as fuel efficient.

The second row seats have a free space for adult passengers. They will feel comfortable with any style of sitting. 3000 cc diesel engine variant V6 Blue Tech has a very good performance.

In addition to light, rapid acceleration, vibration machine barely felt. So that people would never think that they are riding a diesel-engined cars.
This car is priced starting at U.S. $ 60,950 or approximately USD 554.64 million.

2. New Acura MDX

Honda SUV made it a favorite among peshor in the world. Understandably, in addition to having a large enough power, fast acceleration, also offers a high comfort cabin roared.

This car bearing the 3700 cc V6 engine that ejects power 300 horsepower and torque of 373 Newton meters (Nm). In addition, this car is also fuel efficient in its class.

Test Results Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) United States, Acura MDX consumes only 16 liters of fuel for a distance of 100 kilometers (km) on a city street. While on the highway, its fuel consumption is only 12 liters for a distance of 100 km.

Variant four-wheel (AWD) have a reliable suspension so the car is very easy to control light.

In fact, the driver and passengers will not feel a jolt when the car bulldoze tingkungan sharp and bumpy track.
Membanderol SUV Honda began U.S. $ 42,580 or approximately USD 387.74 million.

3. Infiniti QX56

Nissan Motor's luxury SUV that bear the 5600 cc V8 DOHC engine that produces 315 horsepower power at 4900 rpm and 390 lb ft of torque at 3600 rpm. Produced in two variants, namely having a two and four wheels (AWD).

One thing that makes this car is comfortable suspension devices. In the front wheels using independent double wishbone with stabilizer bar. While at the rear wheels using independent double wishbone with auto leveling and stabilizer bars.

The distance between the front row with 104 centimeters (cm), in the second row seats 104.7 cm and 80 cm the third new seat. Infiniti SUV membanderol is U.S. $ 56,050 or approximately USD 510 million.

4. Lexus LX570

SUV made by Lexus - Toyota's luxury brand - it is equipped with 5700 cc engine that produces 270 kW of power and torque of 530 Newton meters (Nm) at 4,000 rpm. The machine was operated by electronic transmission technology with the latest sequential six-speed automatic that's designed for heavy work.

The latest generation SUV is fairly fuel efficient. EPA test results show, this car only needs 14.5 liters of fuel to travel 100 km.

Interestingly, compared to previous generation devices Antilock Brake System (ABS) this car is capable of adapting to different types of trajectories that pass.

Meanwhile, the hill start system, it bears designed to make risk prevention bulldoze the car when the track slippery. Membanderol Lexus SUV flagship was U.S. $ 78.555, or about 714, 85 million.


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