Starting 2012, Ford Use Digital Radio Features

American car manufacturer, Ford Motor Company (Ford) some time ago announced it would equip anyarnya products by means of digital radio entertainment or Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB). Most gres technology in radio broadcasting began to be installed on the model of Ford in 2012 after following the other models.

As proclaimed, Wednesday (16 / 3), the first model that will get the features of digital radio is the latest generation Ford Focus. "It (digital radio features) is hottest issue today, and we soon realize," said Nigel Sharp, Managing Director of Ford UK, such as What Car cited.

Now that digital radio has become the trend of the world community. Understandably, this radio technology has a series of advantages. Clearer sound than analog radio signal and a better quality of a few.

Another advantage, broadcast or songs that play to be stopped temporarily (pause), repeated back (rewind), or stored temporarily and be heard again at a later time. Spectrum digital radio signals are also more stable than conventional radio.

"Even transmit power and digital radio infrastructure more efficiently, so as to minimize production costs,"said a source at Ford.

Interestingly, the use of energy sources is also more economical. Ford said, the results of his research proves that digital radio technology is more energy efficient stun up to 7 percent than FM radio.


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