2012 New Chevrolet Sonic LTZ Turbo version

2012 New Chevrolet Sonic LTZ Turbo version

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The new Chevrolet Sonic Sports Association five-door with great design, fun driving experience and the latest connectivity features is a serious competitor in the spirit of fun. Chevrolet is the only company to build a small car in the U.S. motorcycle-inspired round headlamps, are blended with global design cues � a dual-element grille and round taillamps � for a design instantly recognizable as Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Sonic Sedan and five-door models are clearly different. Position on a narrow five-door, the form of two boxes is an aggressive, diving, property lines, at first glance, the five-door hatch will look like three-door, because the rear door handles Discreetly located in �C �pillars. Rear five-door will be open information, as stated, motorcycle-inspired tail lights back.

Details that improve the quality Chevrolet Sonic and attention to detail surrounding matte chrome grille and black trim honeycomb grille on all models, while a range of sizes, large wheels, including alloy wheels 17 �, reinforces its appearance sports.

Interior highlights include:
* The surface of the panel in mid-instrument is available in two colors (dark titanium and brick) and flows seamlessly into the upper front door with glass finishing small premium
* The button automatic transmission has a �cobra head� design, while the manual shifter has a chrome button
* Tubular climate outboard outlets protrude from the surface of the dashboard.


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