Lexus LF-A

Lexus has announced a new version of the Lexus LF-A supercar mix is optimized for circuit-riding issue. It�s called the 2012 Lexus LF-A Nurburgring Package and a link to the world famous circuit in Germany, where

the legends of the LF-A has come to life. Lexus has dropped all the details and images of its Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package, which will debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show next month.
The Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package has been designed for a more track-focused performance through additional aerodynamic elements, lowered suspension and engine revisions.

Do those engine revisions result in more power? Of course. All-New 2011 Lexus LFA is powered by a V10, 4.8 liters, the maximum power of 560 hp, but the 2012 Lexus LF-A Nurburgring Package trace output will

 be increased to 570 hp. Sprint 0-60 mph, will be created in 3.7 seconds and top speed will go up to 210 km / hAdditional downforce comes courtesy of a larger front splitter, a larger rear wing, and dive planes mounted on the front fenders. All are crafted of carbon fiber. The LFA�s six-speed automatic receives a revised calibration, and the car�s suspension benefits from what Lexus calls �sports tuning.� New alloys and stickier tires come along for the ride. Pricing has not been released.

The Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package is limited to just 50 units and is available in exterior color choices of matte black, black, white or orange, with interiors finished in black and red, black and purple and all-black. Those who purchase the LFA Nurburgring Package will be offered a one-to-one driving tuition from a Nurburgring chief instructor and a year�s pass to enjoy the cars on the Nordschleife circuit.

Production of the Lexus LFA has been underway since December, with just one hand-crafted unit being completed everyday.


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