2011 Honda CR-V photo

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There are no new versions of cars that are expected to be launched in 2011. Same models of 2010 are the ones that are expected to be available in the first part of the year as new models are still expected to be

launched later on the year after 2012 Honda CR-Vs. These models are the 2007 versions. The main factors that are still making this car competent include its roominess, good resale value, easy handling, good cabin,

and unmatched record of reliability just like its name suggests- Comfortable Runabout Vehicle2011 Honda CR-Vs will be no different from the 2010 models released.  The color and the modifications that were done

on the nose and the rear will be retained.  Tail and nose were extended up to areas that were covered by a black paint. The interior design of the CR-Vs in 2010 had the lighting system\m improved. However, the lighting for the 2011 is yet to be seen as the Company has a policy of marking its last edition of a car generation with something remarkable.


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