2012 Honda CRF450R

The power on the CRF450R is not explosive, but smooth and easy to roll on. In stock form the motor may feel a little vanilla to power-hungry riders, as there isn't any single portion of the powerband that will knock

your socks off. That's not to say that the bike isn't fast-it has plenty of power for 99% of riders out there-but the smooth and easy-to-ride feel of the motor could be perceived as slow to those wanting more violence and hit. There is good off-idle snap and the acceleration is consistent, though we did feel that the bike was in-

between gears in spots on the track, which may have contributed to the relatively mellow character that some riders described. This wasn't a major issue as shifting on the Honda is once again buttery smooth, and the

clutch is as easy to operate as ever. In fact, all of the controls on the Honda are dialed in and smooth, and the ergonomics are familiar and comfortable. Leaning, switching lines, turning and whipping in the air all come naturally to this motorcycle. Braking is also excellent.

Without a doubt, Honda had a difficult task ahead of them when they set out to create a motocross 450 that would please everyone. From what we've seen so far we'd say that they did a pretty good job, as the performance potential of the motor and the smooth, consistent handling of the chassis combine to create a

package that everyone can enjoy. Even current AMA National legend Chad Reed hopped on our bike and came away with a huge grin on his face! We'll continue to test the CRF450R at a variety of tracks and will have a full first test out soon in the pages of Dirt Rider magazine. Stay tuned!


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