toyota tundra 2012

Seen here with a slightly more aggresive front that standard, the Tundra was brought about to compete with Ford�s F150 � the best selling vehicle in the U.S for 26 consecutive years!

It�s a brilliant move by Toyota, copying the success of Ford. It also says something of the automotive climate in the U.S. when the two best selling vehicles during 2008 (and have so been for ages), were pick-up trucks and the best selling car, the Toyota Camry, come in a distant third.

I like the Tundra, despite its simplicity and rear leaf springs. A big 5.7 litre V8, a pointless flatbed and that big, imposing grille in the front is perfect for transporting myself and a six pack of beer. The beer enables me to use the car pool lane.

I guess it�s hard to re-invent the pick up truck with fancy design features butI think Toyota have been doing a good job. Not that tough to do, just increase the ride height a little, add chrome, a more imposing grille, some more shiny plastic and an abundance of cupholders and you have a new best seller.


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