2011 Renault Samsung SM7 photo

Renault Samsung SM7 use a Nissan VQ engine with six-speed automatic with manual shift function that include a high-capacity torque converter. Renault Samsung SM7 offers two engine options, 3.5 VQ (six-speed automatic transmission with manual gearshift mode) or 2.5 VQ (six-speed automatic transmission with manual mode selector). 2.5 VQ engine has maximum power of 190hp achieve increased 15 percent over the previous SM7, while peak torque of 243Nm at 4,400 rpm on the stand, and 3.5 VQ engine produces maximum power of 258hp (up more than 20% over the previous SM7). Peak torque of 330Nm produced at 4,400 rpm. Fuel consumption is 10.4 litres/100km low. All-New Renault Samsung SM7 


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