2012 toyota Estima

2012 Estima looks like the most useful family car with a vast interior room that makes even the larger SUVs feel cramped.
Under the hood, you can discover a VVT-I 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine, capable of achieving an excellent gas mileage of 11 km/L inspite of its large size.
The generated output power is transmitted to the appropriate wheels via a super CVT-i transmission with 6-speed Sports Sequential Shiftmatic to get rid of shift shocks.

This gives you the pleasure that you get while using manual transmissions You get a complete luxury feel when step inside its cabin. Some of the luxury features are power sliding doors that can be opened by just touching a button, rear air conditioning, and a smart key system for the convenience of gaining access or starting the engine without taking out the keys from the pocket.

The exterior design of 2012 Estima looks certainly upscale and elegant, indicating the luxury offered within the cabin
As far as the accommodation capacity is concerned, either seven or eight passengers can be seated based on your choice. The 8-seater version comes with 2 individual front and center seats, while the rear seats are of bench type.

The 7-seater version comes with bench seats for centre as well as back rows. The 60/40 foldable center seats and tipping-forward rear seats provide extra cargo space when required.


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