2011 BMW 5-Series 528I Sedan

BMW 5 Series is much like the 3 Series, 5 Series, but has minor improvements over its siblings. Series 5 is greater than 3-Series, and it can transform from a vehicle with a smooth ride offers performance monsters. This function does not reduce the luxury of the 5 series, however. The 5-Series receives a number of improvements to his cabin, including the proper legs, a characteristic that all passengers are sure to enjoy.

2011 5-Series sedan version of the car Gran Turismo \ offers more cabin space than the traditional 5-series configurations. In front of the house may look like the base model, but no one to identify differences in the back seat, because it is very different from the traditional BMW models.

M5 and M3, are ideal for the family-oriented vehicles. This car is not only fast, has a way of driving top and the final terms of comfort for all passengers. Mounted under the hood you will find an impressive 500 hp V-10 engine only asking that it be-the-road performance standards.

No significant changes in the exterior design of the 5 Series. Even a sedan cleanliness, modern look, the bodywork provides Massage Series 5 men look strong, maintaining the character of the 5 series is known.

As with any BMW, interior design focuses on driver comfort, if it's road trip or turn around the track. Seats have been improved front and rear, and rear knee room has grown an inch.

Performance and Handling
550th is powered by BMW 4.4-liter, 400 horsepower twin-turbo direct injection V-8 engine. The unique layout of reverse flow, the 550th has V-8 engine can get better performance without much higher fuel consumption. Last BMW inline-6 ??gasoline engine power of the new sedan 535th. It includes one, two and a turbocharged 3.0 liter engine.

In interior design, two-stage front airbags, seat side airbags and curtain type head protection front and rear is standard on 5-series. Power tilt / telescoping steering column includes a part of the deformation, to improve its ability to protect the driver from intrusion into the cabin structure.


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