2011 BMW Frozen Black Edition M3 Coupe

BMW of North America has more than 20 copies of his 2011 edition black M3 coupe frozen to the U.S. The limited edition model with BMW black exterior paint color frozen has a "deep luster lines accentuate the sporty legendary M3. "

In short, it is a BMW seriously means the future.

Black with black sports coupe includes 19-in. Blacks GTS wheels, red brake calipers and black Novillo leather upholstery with red stitching. Based on the 414-BHP M3 Coup� with M double-clutch (M DCT) Frozen Black Edition accelerates 0-60 mph 4.4 seconds.

BMW Amerique du Nord, 20 Exemplaire apport de son coup� 2011 � l'�dition congelati noire Le mod�le U.S. M3 in BMW �dition limit�e caract�ristiques Peinture Exterieur five years of freeze noire qui a non 'profonde les lignes accentuent METALLIQUE the M3 Athletiques l�gendaire " .

The car also features BMW's package of competition, which reduces the height of 10 mm and includes soft GTS wheels (with more space to improve stability). Electronic Damping Control with "enhanced programming", and raised the threshold for the M Dynamic mode programming are also included.

Start Dialing
Price is $ 79.650 an important, or about $ 10,000 more than a M3 Coupe similarly equipped. And you will not find on dealers. If you are interested, you better be quick with a phone. Customers are invited to reserve one of the first nineteen Frozen Black Edition 2011 M3 Coupes by calling 1-800-245-4269 from 11:30 am Eastern Time (8:30 Pacific) on Thursday, 16 juni 2011. After they left, that's all.

But BMW is not saying that plans to import frozen black 20 M3 coupe States? According to the official release date, twenty-car "as BMW of North America and can be sold later."


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