2011 Chevrolet

will reveal their new product, that Colorado Rally Concept which will debut at the 2011 Buenos Aires International Auto Show. This adventurous debut vehicle to follow the truck that showed Colorado�s first in Bangkok Motor Show in April 2011.

�Both trucks give a Glimpse of the Next-generation Chevrolet global midsize pickup, the which is of huge importance to consumers in many countries around the world. For example, in Brazil, costumers made ??Chevrolet�s midsize truck the vehicle segment leader for 16 consecutive years,� Brad said Merkel, the GM Global Vehicle Line Executive.

is an unparalleled heritage and a pickup truck that is durable and dependable, and sturdy and strong. Trunk shows the incorporation of a signature design element with a legendary of Chevrolet Car �Colorado Rally exhibits Chevrolet�s DNA in an off road version. To develop this vehicle we did an extensive research on the off- road Motorsport. Each and every detail was deeply studied in order to deliver maximum authenticity,

 designed with the rally raid category in mind, also known as cross country rallying�, says Carlos Barba, GM South America Design Center director In order to create a real rally vehicle, the GM South America Design Studio added up to Colorado concept a wide variety of off road features such as rally windows in acrylic for higher safety against side impacts with air inlets for better air circulation, two milled aluminium tow hooks integrated to each bumper, wide fiberglass fenders, spare tire support inside the bed and tool boxes integrated. Open tailgate to improve flux of air as well as optimize the rear view and reduce the weight, and many more details


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