2011 New Toyota Yaris HSD Concept Review

2011 New Toyota Yaris HSD Concept Review

New Toyota yaris HSD that the concept of hybrid technology with full, especially on the European model. Hybrid technology has reached parity Yaris HSD powertrain is enough in the public perception that it is now a clear alternative to diesel or gasoline engines

Hybrid Synergy Drive � technology at Toyota�s demanding targets urban customers who expect the new driving and ownership experience of their car. Combining low fuel consumption, emissions and cost of ownership with unique relaxed and calm driving, HSD proved that driving pleasure does not need to be reconciled with environmental responsibility and operational costs low.

the majority quote relaxation, an engaging driving experience and the learning of new driving habits as the three most rewarding characteristics of their new cars.

Several hybrid-specific styling cues indentify the Toyota Yaris Toyota HSD concept as a full hybrid derivative models.

Toyota Yaris HSD concept inherits all intelligent DNA Yaris, offers the B-segment customers intelligent combination of small, compact packaging and interior, spacious practical, while introducing, a new style that is more advanced and sophisticated exterior design.

Flanked by lights that are very contoured, upper grille opening is shallow, to help air flow smoothly over the upper body. And the Toyota logo is fully integrated into the front lip of the hood, add style articulation to the leading edge.

Toyota Yaris HSD this concept, emphasized by the line shape monoform roof, long and sweeping lines, crisp single character that runs smoothly through the length of the vehicle. Short front and rear overhangs and long wheelbase maximize the accommodation of passengers and loadspace.

Performance Of Yaris HSD Concept :
Introducing full hybrid technology into the B?segment has presented Toyota with several unique engineering challenges. The new powertrain design must be optimised for installation within the vehicle�s compact, extremely efficient packaging design, without detriment to either system quality and performance, or passenger accommodation and loadspace.

Fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions are already key to the success of models. And further improvements to the efficiency of Hybrid Synergy Drive� will continue to deliver highly competitive fuel consumption and emissions.

With its unique capacity to offer fully electric driving, HSD is particularly effective in the urban environment. In all-electric mode, the system not only generates zero CO2 emissions, but also zero NOX and particulate (PM) emissions. Every Toyota full hybrid offers customers the lowest possible cost of ownership. Superior fuel efficiency and low CO2 emissions bring tax incentives in some countries, inner city congestion charge exemption and exceptionally low running costs.


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