2012 Acura RL

2012 Acura RLAcura is a brand well known for innovation in motor vehicle technology, and 2012 promises to offer groundbreaking new features for the RL model. While Acura has been reticent about new models of the RL, the 2012 RL will most likely be released in autumn of 2011, in keeping with the RL�s tradition of being a midyear sedan that vastly improves upon other sedans unleashed in the same year.
Performance Features
The well-known car manufacturer has not yet released how the next generation of the RL model will differ from previous years, but predictions can be made based on how Acura has revamped other vehicles recently. One possible option is for the RL to be revamped as a rear-wheel drive car with a V8 engine, making it a more powerful version of the V6 2010 RL. While V8 engines are not yet standard in any sedans, the 2012 RL promises to subvert this paradigm.
In the past, the RL has been known for mid-year updates that combine the features of the Acura high-performance cars with the comfort of a sedan. The 2006 RL showcased the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive that could invest all of the vehicle�s power into one turn of the wheel, and was one of the initial Acura sedans to include a 300 horsepower V6 engine as a standard inclusion. These capabilities allowed the Acura RL to successfully compete with rival BMW vehicles with similar features at a much lower price tag.
Safety Features
The 2012 RL will integrate a number of features previously included in earlier models, all of which will be standard. The braking systems will include the vehicle stability assist and tire pressuring monitoring system aspects, as well as a variety of general security aspects including active front head restraints, child safety locks, and body modifications that protect both sides of the car from collisions


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