2012 FIAT 500

In 2012 FIAT 500 goes to American shores for the first time in years, and this elegant mini-sedan seems to be a place for them in the car, buy hearts.

After several years of expansion waistlines of their cars, the shift in demand (especially among younger buyers) small cars more fuel efficient, the 500 makes the transition in Europe at that time a lot of sense. Invariably, the Fiat 500 is compared with other imports of small around the pond, the MINI Cooper, which will also be 500 direct competition. The 500 has the same retro style, but seems to remain much higher than the MINI is due to its shorter length and more upright position.

Under the hood of the 500 horsepower is a 101, 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine that generates 98 pounds-feet of torque, while a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic handles change. While 101 horsepower may not seem like much when you take into account the unladen weight of less than 500 pounds in 2500, is more than enough for the 500 where you go, even at highway speeds. Fuel economy controls mpg in the city a brisk 30 and 38 mpg on the highway with the manual and 27 mpg city and 34 mpg on the highway with the automatic transmission.

Inside 500 is a unique expression of body color to cut a large piece that includes most of the line is the climax. At the wheel of a pod that houses the large round speedometer and tachometer, and data. Fiat 500 is divided in three trim levels available: Pop, Sport and Lounge. Pop is equipped with standard features like power windows and locks, remote entry, air conditioning and a stereo system with MP3 jack. Sport and Lounge intersects more with USB / iPod connectivity with a Bose audio system, leather steering wheel three-spoke steering wheel and seat fabric better. Lounge receives an automatic climate control and a glass roof as well.

El aspecto interior of the 500 holds a unique, with a cuerpo de una Pieza que cubre la mayor de color of tablero de Instrumentos recorte grandes es la culminaci�n. Detras de la rueda es que a Vaina large circular houses and velocity y el tac�metro y de informaci�n a display. FIAT has dividido en los tres niveles de 500 disponibles equipamiento: Pop, y Sports Lounge. El Pop comes with Caracter�sticas est�ndar como ventanas y seguros Electricos, entrada sin llave remote, aire acondicionado y equipo de m�sica a MP3 puerto. Sal�n y acabado Sports A�ada to USB / iPod de equipo de sonido conectividad with a Bose tapizado en cuero de tres radios of the steering wheel, y los mejores asientos de canvas. El Espectacular toma el control de techo a climate autom�tico y de vidrio.

Caract�ristiques de s�curit� sur les comprennent standard 500 airbag September Kneeling not pour le conducteur airbags, syst�me de Stabilitet �lectronique, les Freins antiblocage is appuie Actifs-t�te.

After 28 years of silence for the return of Fiat, Fiat 500, hoping that 2012 can do it successfully returns. Keep an eye on the horizon versions of the convertible bond 500.


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