2012 fiat 500c

A vehicle that can be said mini. The original FIAT 500 launched in Italy on July 4, 1957, but only recently has the modern reimagining of this diminutive classic entered the public imagination. But with a mature concept,

this car is able to offer as well as other luxury cars. FIAT company behind all this, the vehicle began in the U.S. marketed it gets warm welcome from consumers. The FIAT 500C is one of few European cars that ventured to the United States in hopes of making a way for itself. FIAT is reentering the U.S. market in a

sector that is booming and the opposite of boring, and into which its infiltrator fits perfectly. So far, the 2012 FIAT 500C is well-liked for its great handling and cutesy exterior, but the automotive industry isn�t sure if the 500 will succeed in the U.S. Probably not, but the near 4million sold over the car�s 18-year lifespan made it a staple in Europe. The FIAT 500C status there was not unlike that of the original

 Mustang or Chrysler�s first minivan here. With the FIAT 500C being so small, FIAT emphasized safety with the car, fitting it with upgraded electronic stability control and seven airbags. FIAT return to the U.S. is coming via Toluca, Mexico, where the 500 replaces the PT Cruiser on the assembly line. FIAT is putting its warranty money where its mouth is via a 4-year/50,000-mile warranty, four years of unlimited roadside assistance and a 3-year/36,000-mile maintenance program The basic interior design of the FIAT 500C is complemented by a page taken directly from the Mini playbook. In addition to the 14 available interior trim colors, some 50 accessories are available at launch, from interior lighting kits and roof racks to a variety of exterior graphics. Fourteen exterior colors are available for the FIAT 500C, including two reds, yellow, orange, two different browns, and two

 greens. The FIAT installs color-matched dashboards on all the 500C, as well as white control panels and steering wheels in Pop/Lounge models, and this blue-on-cream combination really looks great. Another thing to note: Pop and Lounge model 500C have different font on the column gauges (the concentric speedometer and tachometer), and they�re a lot more legible than the smaller font in the Sport.  Also, with the change from a hatchback to a trunk, cargo capacity diminishes from 9.5ft� to 5.4ft�.  There�s still room for groceries, back packs, etc.  Thankfully the rear seats still fold down for if you need to carry something longer.  Added bonus: the trunk could potentially be propped up, Abarth Cinquento style, although you probab


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