2012 New Fisker Karma

Treatment of serious and hard work, has now felt by the automotive companies on this one. Fisker Automotive is a company located in the U.S., its products are well known this time is the Fisker Karma. The Fisker Karma is a vehicle that uses electrical power to operate the machine. Seeing that hit the air pollution in

many countries, the Fisker Karma is equipped with environmentally friendly machine that is to enjoy doing and much sought-after consumers at this time. The car that practically has a pretty amazing speed, the car also has many features that couples menajubkan. The Fisker Karma has a security system, a comfortable suspension and a variety of navigational equipment to assist the driver in the course. Simply beautiful is not it? yes, this car is unbelievably beautiful, sturdy, and has a stocky muscular to tread every path.The Fisker Karma provides surprisingly easy entry and cozy accommodations for four grown-ups. A 10.2-inch screen replaces the usual forest of tiny infotainment buttons with audible

, visual, and tactile responses to touch commands. Handling is a subject we can address with more confidence. The Fisker Karma has steering is endowed with real road feel and linear turn-in response. The ride is supple and minimal body roll when you fling the wheel; the low-mounted, 600-pound battery pack

makes for an effective keel. Even though the rear wheels carry 53 percent of the Fisker Karma understeer awaiting those who visit the borderlands of grip. The brakes are calibrated to convert excess momentum into

 the maximum amount of charging energy without inflicting pedal weirdness The Fisker Karma lays a good foundation. Up front there� a 260-hp, GM-supplied four-cylinder engine spinning a mighty generator. Next in

 line is a 20-kWh, American-made lithium-ion battery pack. Twin AC motors straddling the rear axle deliver 402 horsepower to the differential. The propulsion system, the Brembo brakes, the 22-inch cast aluminum wheels, and the aluminum suspension components are supported by an aluminum space frame stitched

together with 260 feet of welds and a thousand or so rivets. The Fisker Karma also has aluminum skin is finished with a solar-cell roof, a composite decklid, and plastic bumpers


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