2012 Seat Alhambra 4WD Specification Review

2012 Seat Alhambra 4WD Specification Review

New SEAT Alhambra, a car with four Wild-Drive control is ready to go on any road condition. electronically controlled all-wheel-drive is set for optimal handling. smooth and directional stability characteristics of an excellent body roll, delivered by a sophisticated chassis and suspension, making each new Alhambra fun to drive. SEAT Alhambra 4WD built on the ability of front-wheel drive model with a significant increase in traction under all road conditions. with these specifications Alhambra truly become a dynamic car.

Interior Spec :
Seat Alhambra offers interior design with a stylish five-seat luxury. with standard equipment but high-tech, spacious interior that has space.

Performance Specification :
The SEAT Alhambra 4WD with a TDI technology that has the 2.0 engine torque dengna 103kW/140. with six-speed manual gearbox that combines powerful performance with fuel efficiency. TDI consumes an average of just 6.0 liters diesel per 100 kilometers, the equivalent figure of 158 grams of CO2 per km. This is largely thanks to the Ecomotive package with brake energy recovery and stop / start system. It is also equipped with SCR catalytic converter (Selective Catalytic Reduction), a technology that makes the SEAT Alhambra 4WD one of the world�s cleanest diesel engine.

performance control :
In extreme cases and to avoid the spinning front wheel, the system will send all the driving force to the rear. Under conditions of constant driving, on the other hand, very little power is required on the rear axle. Substantially open clutch, which has a positive effect on fuel consumption. Braking, the clutch is fully open, with no power flow to the rear. All-wheel drive system is able to exercise fully as soon as the ability of handling systems such as ABS, ESP and EDS kick on slippery road surfaces. Depending on certain situations, the clutch can be opened to the intervention of ABS, ESP or closed to input � in both cases, this happens quickly and smoothly.


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