2013 BMW Vision EfficientDynamics supercar moving toward production

According to an unnamed "senior BMW authority out of Munich" speaking with InsideLine, the German automaker will indeed build a production version of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept that debuted last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. BMW is reportedly planning for a model run of between 5,000 and 10,000 units in 2013. We�ll get to the details in a moment, but here�s the best news: "That name that the

marketing people forced on us [is] going to change for sure." Phew. Apparently, BMW has no plans to ditch the radical plug-in hybrid powertrain, which put out 356 horsepower and a stonkin� 590 pound-feet of torque in the concept. That means we�ll get something similar to the turbocharged three-cylinder diesel

range extender and twin electric motors powered by a lithium polymer battery pack that was featured in Frankfurt. Sounds great so far, and BMW claims the performance will be even better than the 4.8-second 0 to 60 run quoted for the concept.
Naturally, some of the Vision�s more outlandish exterior bits will go the way of the Dodo, but IL reports BMW�s target of weight is still under 3,000 pounds, meaning that high-tech composites and construction techniques are a veritable lock. Price for this next-gen eco-friendly supercar? Nothing announced � but if you have to ask... well, you know the rest

For many, it may seem hard for an automaker to claim the mantle of "The Ultimate Driving Machine" without a truly exhilarating supercar to act as a halo to define the brand. That could explain why, following previous reports that it had canned any plans for a mid-engine supercar, new reports suggest that BMW is proceeding with development of just such a vehicle Tentatively dubbed Z10, the most ultimate of driving machines would, according to the latest churns of the rumormill, take advantage of lightweight materials � including carbon fiber, aluminum and magnesium � to keep weight down, while offering more space inside than a Porsche 911. The jury�s still out on what engine would find itself placed in the middle of the taut chassis, with the company�s award-winning V10 reportedly axed in favor of a twin-turbo six (in either V or inline configuration) delivering somewhere in the vicinity of 450 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque through an eight-speed dual clutch gearbox.

Adaptable aerodynamics, a supplemental hybrid electric motor and thermal-dynamics system are also tipped to be part of the package, and we wouldn�t be surprised to see some of the styling elements from the new Vision EfficientDynamics concept make their way into the production vehicle. The supercar is supposedly projected to bow with a $110,000 sticker price about five years from now... that is, if it�s actually ever produced at all 


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