Ferrari 166 MM Zagato


CARBARN | Ferrari 166 MM Zagato | one manufacturer who is known by its symbol is a dark horse, following reports some of his old car had triumphed in the world europe and asia. following report Zagato and Ferrari's associations began at Alfa Romeo, when Zagato's light weight aluminum bodies helped Alfa during their most dominant period in history. After Enzo Ferrari left Alfa as race driver, and then later as head of the racing team, he started manufacturing cars under his own name which won races from their onset. Several customers requested Zagato bodies for their Ferrari, and this, chassis 0018M, marks the first Ferrari-Zagato collaboration. 

Not only was this Zagato's first Ferrari, it was Ferrari's first coupe and Gioacchino Colombo, one of Ferrari's consultants, collaborated with Zagato to reach the final design. Called the Panoramica, the coupe was a thoroughly modern design and had a very curious greenhouse, with Plexiglas windows that curved with the roof. Zagato's coupe was built on Ferrari's 166 MM chassis which was an upgraded version of the 166 S which won the Mille Miglia in 1948. Zagato was very enthusiastic about adapting his own ideas to this successful chassis and his awkward coupe debuted at the Senigalla Circuit in 1949 at the hands of owner Antonio Stagnoli. He later won the Coppa Intereuropa in 1950 in it but retired at the Mille Miglia during the same year. After the Mille, 0018M disappeared, and returned as a completely different beast. Stagnoli requested that Zagato remove his unique body and replace it with a very unstylish Spider Corsa chassis with a cigar-shaped body and cycle fenders. Stagnoli achieved a lot of success with 0018 as a lighter, competition car and used it until it became uncompetitive. Afterwards, 0018M was lost, including its original body.


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