Ferrari 248 F1

The Ferrari 248 F1 takes its name from its V8 Configuration. The capacity in deciliters is twenty four, while eight is its number of cylinders. The name of the automobile represents a definitive break with the F200x system that was employed between the years of 2001 and 2005. It effectively returns to a system that had been used before

in the �50s and �60s by Ferrari.
The Ferrari 248 F1 was driven by Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher. The Ferrari 248 F1 was the first Ferrari since the Ferrari F1 2000 that did not wear the Number One to denote that the driver was the current world champion. The vehicle also sported new sponsor decals, such as Martini. The Ferrari 248 F1 was intended to be an update of the Ferrari F2005, which had been released the previous year. While the V8 Configuration utilized on the Ferrari 248 F1 was a lot shorter than the V10 used on the Ferrari F2005, both vehicles sport the same wheelbase


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