Still grieving for tsunami in Japan turned negative impact on GM. General Motors announced on Thursday that is suspending production at its Shreveport Assembly in Louisiana for the week of March 21 because of a parts shortage resulting from the crisis in Japan that started with last week�s tremendous earthquake and

 tsunamiThe 2011 GMC Canyon is Compact Pickups offer a true-truck design in a relatively modest package. They are best suited for personal or light-duty use rather than commercial use, heavy hauling, or towingHere CarShowp presents photos of 2011 GMC Sierra All Terrain Concept at Detroit Auto Show. You can see detailed information on the previous post.General Motors has released new photos of GMC Sierra All Terrain HD Concept different with the previous post. The new photos includes the first

photos of the design study�s interior that has been spruced up with higher quality and more luxurious materials than the standard Sierra, upon which it is based.
The GMC Sierra All Terrain HD concept is an exploration of heavy-duty truck capability combined with greater off-road versatility. It underpins the All Terrain HD concept, with a modified, production-based 4WD chassis and the Duramax diesel/Allison 1000 six-speed powertrain


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