Jeep Renegade

CARBARN | Jeep Renegade | one of the leading car manufacturer that is the output of the jeep, the car is very challenging for the men because it has an elegant shape and luxurious, other than that this car will be environmentally friendly also. The following report  Jeep's Renegade concept takes green traveling outdoors. The dune-buggy-inspired concept features an electric-diesel hybrid engine that would bump the rock-crawler's range to 400 miles when fully charged and filled with diesel. The company says its equivalent fuel economy would be roughly 110 mpg. The electric motor would produce 268 horsepower, with another 115 hp coming from the diesel engine. Torque numbers would have to be pretty impressive, as well. Of course, there's a 4x4 system too, to live up to the Jeep moniker.

There's a roll bar but no roof not even a canvas number, like a Wrangler has. Instead, Renegade owners if it ever went on sale would get a choice of rear deck lids they could install depending on their activities. Lids for mountain bikes, kayaks and dual water scooters are all envisioned.