Wait for Audi A2 Successor!

Seeing the latest Audi A1 and A1 e-tron models at the Geneva Motor Show it is clear that the small car offerings are at the center the quad-ring automaker�s attention. In addition to all this news fresh gossips are spreading that A2 may have a possible successor: an eccentric little hatch that never was seen in US and had less fortune in the

 Europe.During the Geneva Motor Show Audi CEO Rupert Stadler noted �There�s evidently room for another product and another concept between the A3 and A1,�. The new A2 would probably be based on A1 and utilize an electric powertrain, possibly founded on the A1 e-tron concept. European mass media has informed that the A2 successor is likely to debut by 2014, and again no remarks have been given about a potential U.S.-spec version. Nevertheless, keeping the A1 away from American soil, does not except that the A2 would have the same fate in the US, being only an Europe affair mor info


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