2011 Lexus LX Land Cruiser

Compare the Lexus LX 570 is possible only with its predecessor � LX 470, which once viewed the familiar lines of the body, but at the same time clearly visible �genes� sedan Lexus LS. Power core LX 570 is 5.7-liter V8-power unit of 381 horsepower (the previous model � 268 forces) and a maximum torque of 545 Nm. On the transmission, in turn, takes care of the new six-speed automatic with manual shift, which transmits the

power to wheel-drive system, where in contact with the track come directly to 20-inch wheels with wide tires relevant Apart from the new power core, Lexus LS 570 also acquired a set of auxiliary systems, which enable it to be called �cross� with a capital letter. For example zdest worth noting the latest elektroupravlyaemmuyu In New York War The new model now on display for the first time � as a Lexus. In New York, the new

model is the first time to see now � as a Lexus. This makes sense there: during Lexus We still exists before a niche brand, Toyota sold in the U.S. last twice as fast MANY Lexus LX Models How Landcruiser 100th There, does that make sense: While Lexus still in us as a niche brand in the U.S. Toyota sold last almost twice as many models as the Lexus LX Land Cruiser 100th The new Lexus LX 570 shares with this again the

 platform / site, Ann giant who debut early 2008 with us as a Land Cruiser 200 IS. The new Lexus LX 570 shares a platform with huge this place again to make his debut with us at the beginning of the 2008 Land Cruiser 200th A striking departure from the die baroque look of its predecessor is. Achieve a transition from the Baroque form of its predecessor. With dynamic design Soll nun die sheer size are laminated. With

dynamic design, the sheer size can be concealed. grown FACT is the new course � seems inevitable in the auto-Evolution: Langer, higher, wider and stronger � must be. Has grown since the New Deal � it seems  is fully automated and allows this easily accommodate up to eight passengers plus a small luggage. For those

 who wish to obtain more space, you can move (forward or reverse) the third or second row of seats with electrical control, and for �extreme� situations, for instance if you want to create a small time Teltschik, you can generally remove the third row of seats and expand the second, thereby promotes the formation of small small-sized apartments. Also note that in your welfare and well-being in the salon cares 4-zone climate

control, navigation system, expensive audio system with nine speakers, a system of airbags (for head, knee, curtains). Additionally, as an option, it is possible to integrate seat heating for the latter series


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