Four wheel Drive 4WD or 4X4 Abbreviated

4-wheel driving (four-wheel drive 4WD or 4X4 abbreviated) is the term used in a vehicle that has motive power to all four wheels. 4x4 vehicles have the capability aims to gain sufficient traction in all road conditions, for example:

for use in severe terrain such as steep slopes, slippery roads or muddy roads, generally this type of vehicle type jeep or SUV.

for use on high-speed vehicle with road surface conditions are not the same, generally this type of vehicle type luxury sports such as Audi's quattro, DaimlerChrysler 4MATIC used in Mercedes-Benz products, BMW with the xDrive, and Volkswagen 4motion.

for use on a production version of the car rally, like the Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta Integrale, Toyota Celica GT-Four, Subaru Impreza WRX, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. Car-sized compact sports car has a Full-Time 4WD or All Wheel Drive, which provides more traction on all sorts of road surfaces.

How it works

On vehicles with four-wheel drive, the machine is connected with the center differential (transfer case) that divides the power to the rear wheels and front wheels. Because when using 4-wheel drive, higher energy use, usually 4-wheel drive is only used in times of need alone, with activated via a specific button or lever.

Model and type

Based on the model and type, can be grouped as follows:

Part-time, 4WD operation only at certain times according to road conditions.
Full-time, 4WD is always plugged in all road conditions.
Manual, 4WD activation done mechanically by shaking a particular lever. In some types of vehicles even need to be rotated as the wheel axles.
Automatic, 4WD activation is done by the (semi automatic) or a specific sensor (full automatic).

In its application, the fourth model combines a variety of vehicles or types mentioned above.


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