2012 New BMW M1 Homage

BMW has unveiled its latest concept car, the BMW M1 Homage Concept. The M1 Homage Concept carries many of the styling cues of the old BMW M1 in the form of a modern interpretation, such as the rear windscreen louvers, the double BMW badges on the rear of the car, and even a wheel design that is a variation of the one used on the original BMW M1. The very slim headlamps still manage to feature some form of the BMW angel

The BMW M1 designed by Giorgio Giugiaro was a car of superlatives and a highly emotive vehicle that was uncompromisingly primed for the race track. Spawning this development was the BMW Turbo by Paul Bracq, a revolutionary concept car which, in addition to its groundbreaking functional design, also boasted a raft of technical innovations. It is from these two unique vehicles that the BMW M1 Homage takes its cue  a design study that pays tribute to its forerunner models and an embodiment of the competence, creativity and potential of the BMW Group Design team. BMW M1 Homage still carries the
distinctive mark of BMW which is the kidney grill located just below the middle front of the engine hood. This vehicle houses a front sports double headlights in which the pop up lights from the original M1 was not retained. Although the front design shows a unique style, the back includes two BMW logos installed at each side just above the brake lights


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