BMW 328 Hommage

A week later, on this Concorso d  �Eleganza Villa d �, the two places  �s functional aesthetics will be the focus of attention. In this area of ??conflict between tradition and modernity itself, the BMW Group is paying tribute to the BMW 328, on the occasion of his birthday with a special model � the BMW 328 Hommage.  �With the Hommage BMW 328, we pay tribute to the passion and creativity of the parents of the BMW 328?, says Karl Baumer, CEO of BMW Group Classic.  �They�ve

created an icon, which is considered a milestone in automotive history .Hommage BMW 328 translates the principles and character of the vehicle from that time until today, and offers a possible interpretation of how the designers of the era and Fritz Fiedler Rudolf Schleicher, BMW could have built the current 328 with current technology. Not only the exterior and interior BMW 328 CFRP elements to make a declaration of exceptional. The up-to-date implementation of the original character of the vehicle is also expressed in the choice of other materials used inside and outside the vehicle. Fine leather, matte black and high gloss polished alu-minium and visualize the inner CFRP in the BMW 328 roadster Hommage a pure character and functional sports car of the day. Inside the vehicle there are also many details derived from motor racing, offering a hint of the BMW 328  �s most successful racing career For example, the vehicle pre-Mieres in 1936 did not occur in a show car, but on the race track. In his first race, the BMW 328 disqualified the entire petition with more power and dominated the race tracks of Europe during the years that followed. Hommage BMW 328 was specially designed to mimic the design of the original sports car � 1720 which uses the lightweight plastic reinforced with carbon fiber. The car also was among the first in line to integrate kidney grilles over the front and tail of the big game on the back. The elegant and no door and inside the earth-tone for the simple elegance deconstructed. Although no official specifications were announced, BMW casually mentions the inclusion of a 3.0-liter engine with six cylinders


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