2011 BMW M3 �Frozen Black� Special Edition

If you liked BMW�s limited production run of Frozen Gray M3 Coupes, chances are you�ll love its new special edition 2011 M3 Coupe, done up in what BMW calls �Frozen Black.� As with the Frozen Gray coupes, BMW is only building a limited quantity, but this time it's reduced production to just twenty units. And

 yes, this one's designed for the U.S
The Frozen Black paint carries a deep metallic luster, which the Bavarian automaker claims �accentuates the athletic lines of the legendary M3.� As with the limited-edition Frozen Gray M3s, each will come well

equipped with standard features such as Novillo Leather seating and trim with contrasting red stitching, black wheels, red brake caliper
If you want to put your name on one, don�t hesitate; the BMW M3 Coupes in Frozen Gray sold out in just 12 minutes, and BMW built 30 of those. This time it's only building 20 in Frozen Black, and only 19 are being

 offered for sale (BMW North America is getting one of the production cars, at least for now 2011 BMW M3 �Frozen Black� Special Edition. The Frozen Black Edition is a limited-run two-door, although just 20 will be served up this time around. Every Black will be equipped with the Competition package,

 BMW�s M-DCT dual-clutch transmission, and a black leather interior with red stitching. The paint is a matte-finish metallic black, accented by red brake calipers and gloss black wheels and body trim (grille inserts, window moldings, exhaust tips)


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